Thursday, October 29, 2015

Commission Details

Question and order, feel free to contact me at


* Hentai or non hentai
* I accept almost all Genre / Fetish, except scat and male x male (for hentai comm)
* Im not very good at background, so it will be simple background.


1. Single CG Commission
one character $20
two characters $25

2. Hentai Doujin Commission
$30 per page
* max 2 rows, 3 rows will cost more
(CG Doujin Commission $20 per page)
Hentai Doujin sample :
CG Doujin sample :

For H-Doujin Comm, every 1 title order with more than $100 you will get a free coloured cover with pose decide by me.
For H-Doujin Comm, you must provide me the dialogues (if there is) and the scenes of each panels.


1. Payment through Paypal only
2. Payment is full on advance or half upon agreed and half once finished (if you ordered many)
3. I will send the finished works to your email. In max rex JPEG or any format your choice
4. I may post your commission pieces @ my blog, DA, HF or anywhere in small res. I will included your name in the pict like "Commissioned by ...." If u dont want your name to appear at the pict, let me know :)

Best Regards,

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